Self-clinching Standoffs

Optimize Your Assembly Process with PENCOM’s Versatile Self-Clinching Standoffs for Sheet Metals and PC Boards

Self-clinching standoffs have similar functions as regular standoffs, to space and fasten components, but are installed permanently through a mechanical press onto sheet metals and p.c. boards with preformed holes. Some benefits of utilizing these standoffs are a reduced number of required components, issues related to loose hardware and optimizing total assembly time. A few factors to consider when selecting the most suitable self-clinching standoffs are minimum panel thickness, maximum panel hardness, malleability of the panel, and hole size compatibility. PENCOM offers varying styles of self-clinching standoffs, such as broaching, grounding, surface-mount, close-to-edge, and much more. Contact PENCOM to help you choose the proper fastener or to discuss thread size, material, finish, or size customizations.