Self-Clinching Studs

Secure Your Projects with PENCOM’s High-Performance Self-Clinching Studs for Sheet Metals and PC Boards

Self-clinching studs are externally threaded fasteners permanently pressed into pre-punched or drilled holes in sheet metals or p.c. boards, becoming a permanent attachment. They provide a sturdy, durable thread in the panels and can withstand heavy loads and high torque levels. Self-clinching studs may help decrease costs, eliminate loose hardware, and optimize installation time. PENCOM has an assorted variety of self-clinching studs: concealed head, flush head, non-flush head, high strength, broaching, and more. Some additional options PENCOM offers are thread locking, anti–cross threading, lubricated threads, and dog points. Contact PENCOM for more information and help choosing suitable self-clinching studs for your specific application.