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With over 20 years of experience and 120,000 square feet of manufacturing space, PENCOM isn’t just capable, we exceed in manufacturing precision products for a variety of industries. From toys to aerospace, PENCOM is your solutions provider.

What we offer.



PENCOM’s turning operations offer a wide range of capabilities to meet your manufacturing needs. Multi-axis turning centers allow us to quickly produce complex parts.


Capable of holding tolerances of 0.0002”, our advanced machining centers, paired with our experienced technicians, allow PENCOM to produce difficult parts with great accuracy.


PENCOM proudly offers 5-axis and 9-axis capabilities. These special machines produce highly complex parts with exceptional efficiency.

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Available in numerous colors, our automated anodizing line can provide a beautiful finish and extra layer of protection to any applicable material.


PENCOM’s ISO and Nadcap certified passivation is designed to offer durable, high quality product finishes.


PENCOM offers chemfilm coating to protect against corrosion and extreme conditions. Upon completion, salt spray testing is used to test application durability


TIG Welding

From bicycles to aerospace, tungsten inert gas welding offers superior quality, precision, and strength over alternate methods. PENCOM is AWS D17.1 Class B, AS9100D, and Nadcap certified.

Non-Destructive Testing

To ensure quality in our welding services. PENCOM utilizes liquid penetrant non destructive testing to detect surface defects such as cracks, surface porosity, and leaks.

Laser Etching


For customers looking to add durable text or designs to their product, PENCOM offers laser etching services. Etching is available on most materials.



PENCOM can take any product from concept to production. Our team of engineers have the ability to design, troubleshoot, and guide customers through the manufacturing process. Prototypes are subject to the same rigorous inspections that productions goods receive.



PENCOM can provide stamping services and solutions using the latest technology with engineering support to deliver high-quality and cost-effective custom metal parts.


  • Single Metal Stamping
  • Progressive Die Stamping
  • Transfer Press Stamping
  • Deep Drawn Stamping
  • Multi-Slide Stamping
  • Four-Slide Stamping



For many years PENCOM has been providing kitting and assembly services, saving customers the time and expense of ordering, receiving, handling and tracking multiple parts. By ordering pre–counted and labeled packages, customers achieve lean manufacturing and cost reduction objectives while consolidating vendors and relieving staff from the burden of managing multiple individual components.

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Die Casting


Die Casting is an efficient, economical process offering a broader range of shapes and components than any other manufacturing technique.

Die Casting

Aluminum: A356, A380, ADC 10, ADC 12.

Precision Casting

Stainless Steel: SUS304, SUS316, 17-4, 18-8.
Carbon Steel: #45, AISI SAE 1045.



PENCOM specializes in a range of materials. We work with customers to meet their exact material and design requirements.


Series 2000, 5000, 6000, and 7000

Stainless Steel

Series 300, 400, and 17-4

Carbon Steel

Low, Medium, and High

Additional Materials

Brass, Copper, Plastics, and Titanium.