Inventory Management


PENCOM is committed to helping our VMI customers achieve the best possible ‘in place piece price’ for their assembly components. By reducing the activities and costs associated with procuring and managing class B and C items, PENCOM’s VMI programs allow our customers to focus on what they do best- design and/or assemble world class products.

What we offer.

Bin Stock

PENCOM offers Bin Stock services to customers looking to maintain inventory control and buy in larger quantities. By ordering larger quantities, customers achieve different pricing, and cut down on shipping and procurement expenses. Parts are stored on-site, ready to ship, ensuring that your product is always on time.

Visible Inventory

When inventory counts! PENCOM’s proprietary real-time inventory management system provides tracking of stock levels and usage from any location at any time, run usage reports, and more. When reaching refill levels, Visible Inventory automatically alerts the users and PENCOM comes to replenish the stock. As an added benefit, paperwork is reduced by combining all parts in to one monthly purchase order.

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