TJU Surface-Mount Key-Loc™ Standoffs Inch

Standoffs Features

  • Join two sheets together by sliding the top panel into place to precisely space removeable components.
  • Install on p.c. boards at the same time and method as other surface-mount technology (SMT) components.
  • Use several TJU Standoffs with one standard threaded standoff (such as the TCU) to prevent unwanted top panel movement, and reduce installation time and excessive hardware.
  • Packaged on tape and reel consistent with standard automated SMT installation equipment.

Loading Parts


(All dimensions in inches)
Top Panel Thickness CodeTop Panel ThicknessTop Panel MaterialTop Panel Minimum ThicknessBottom Panel MaterialBottom Panel Hole DiameterSM Maximum
.060.057-.064Any.060P.C Board.166-.169.065-.071.108
.090.087-.094Any.060P.C Board.166-.169.095-.101.138


(All dimensions in inches)
L (Length) ±.005

Reel Data

(All dimensions in inches)
LengthParts per Reel / Pitch
.125630 / .472
.250300 / .630
.375230 / .630
(1) Parts packaged on 9.45" (240mm) wide tape on 13" (330mm) recyclable reels conforming to EIA-481.