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Guide pins provide an essential element of stability to a variety of applications in a broad range of industries. A guide pin is a pin or peg used to properly align tools or fabrication components to ensure stability. Sometimes referred to as pilot pins or leader pins, they provide for precision alignment in stacking, mating panels and chases, and mating connectors.

A necessary component in properly securing fasteners in numerous manufacturing and construction processes, guide pins limit contact damage between mismatched mating connectors and optimize mechanized performance through stability and accurate alignment.

PENCOM manufactures guide pins under stringent quality standards. We provide our customers with the greatest variety and the most innovative design expertise available. PENCOM is a global leader with facilities on five continents and more than 35 years of industry experience.

Flexible Fastening Solutions

PENCOM has the capabilities and equipment to create custom guide pin solutions that ensure the best possible performance. Our guide pin customization includes:

  • Material used
  • Min size
  • Thread size
  • Length
  • Finish

Each application requires a specific type of material to provide the most favorable results, making material selection an important factor in guide pin design. We use two types of materials in the design of our guide pins:

  • Carbon steel provides a high level of material strength and wear resistance. Alteration through heat treatment to achieve desired performance levels is a benefit of using this material.
  • Stainless steel includes corrosion resistance, which allows for greater longevity and decreased maintenance. This makes it an ideal choice in highly corrosive environments without sacrificing material strength.

Guide Pin Applications

Due to their stabilizing and alignment characteristics, guide pins are present in a wide range of industries and applications, including:

  • Medical devices and hospital instruments
  • Automotive assembly and automotive parts
  • Pressure tanks
  • Fasteners
  • Architectural and construction components
  • Locking mechanisms for unit assemblies

Guide Pin Styles

PENCOM offers a variety of different pin styles, all of which are customizable in order to fit your specific applications. These styles come in both imperial and metric dimensions and include:

  • Female threaded guide pins
  • Male threaded guide pins
  • Self-clinching pilot pins
  • Self-clinching guide pins
  • Guide pin receptacle nuts

An Industry Leader in Guide Pin Manufacturing

Whether the focus is on the manufacture of toys or the high precision demands of the aerospace industry, PENCOM stands out as an industry leader in guide pin manufacturing. We are a global manufacturer located in North, Central, and South America as well as Europe and Asia.

We maintain a reputation for successfully providing customized solutions to the most difficult challenges our clients present. Our capacity for custom fabrication allows for the design and production of short-term or long-term mechanical components while providing our customers with a significant cost advantage when compared to many of our competitors.

PENCOM’s plants are ISO-certified, demonstrating our commitment to high-level production standards along with continuous quality control and quality improvement programs.

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