Wheel and caster series with injection-molded polyurethane tread

Thermoplastic injection-moulded polyurethane (TPU) based on polyesterpolyol, diisocyanate and glycol. This is vibration-absorbing, non-marking, non-staining and highly abrasion-resistant, while also providing good floor preservation. The tread is also resistant to a wide range of aggressive substances, although it has only limited resistance to hot water or steam. For a detailed overview, please refer to the Blickle guide. The TPU tread is combined with nylon wheel centres, which have a variety of characteristics. TPU treads are used for a variety of applications, depending on the required load capacity. The tread is typically used for applications which involve loads that remain stationary for long periods but must still be easily movable. It is also frequently used by manufacturers of stainless steel containers or stainless steel carriages.