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Galling of Stainless Steel Fasteners

INTRODUCTION Stainless steel is a popular fastener material due to its inherent resistance to corrosion and generally higher tensile strength than commercial low carbon steel. However, during installation users may encounter galling resulting in excessive wear, or in the worst...

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Screw Torque Reference

Grade 2 Low Carbon Steel Typical fasteners in this category: All pan and flat machine screws. Most SEMS screws. Low Carbon SteelTensile strength = 74,000 psi min.Proof load = 55,000 psiYield strength = 41,250 psi PARAMETERS THAT WILL CAUSE THE...

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Installation of PF Screws for Plastics

PENCOM’s PF screws have a unique thread forming design conceived expressly for thermoplastic materials. The distinctive thread profile allows reduced boss wall thickness, maintains clamp load and resists loosening during vibration, reduces drive torque while increasing stripping torque, and reduces...

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PF screws 2D side view