3ULR Microstix® Screws

The 3ULR models within the Microstix® screw series are ultra-small precision screws designed by OSG System Products Co., Ltd. These screws are especially suited for applications that require precise and secure fastening, making them ideal for industries such as electronics, medical device manufacturing, and other high-tech fields where intricate and accurate fastening is crucial. They are designed to work with specific, highly accurate screwdrivers to ensure optimal performance.

Characteristics of 3ULR:

  • Optimal torque transmission with LHSTIX® design.
  • Virtually eliminates cam-out for trouble-free fastening.
  • Enhanced connection between bit and screw for increased work efficiency.
  • Ideal for compact and thin-head screw applications.
  • Tamper-proof and requires minimal driving force.
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Basic Shape and Size of 3ULR


Size of Micro Stix

Nominal SizeNo.Basic Sizeφdk ToleranceBasic Sizek ToleranceUnderhead FilletIncomplete Thread Minq Minq Max
M 1.23ULR-002.0+0.05 -0.10.2+0.05 -0.050.1 MAX1.5 pitch MAX0.300.45
M 1.43ULR-F2.5+0.05 -0.10.2+0.05 -0.050.1 MAX1.5 pitch MAX0.300.45
M 1.63ULR-F3.0+0.05 -0.20.2+0.05 -0.050.1 MAX1.5 pitch MAX0.300.45

Compatable Screwdrivers