PFZS Press-in Fin Inserts Studded


Also Avaliable in Inch

Press-in Fin Studded Insert Features

  • Simple press–in installation for most thermoplastics.
  • High pull–out resistance.
  • Self–aligning design.
  • Available in a wide variety of thread sizes stud lengths.
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Part Desc.ThreadInsert LengthStud LengthMaterialHeaded
Insert ThreadInsert Thread CodeL Insert LengthInsert Length CodeBossA Head ThicknessC Head DiameterD Insert DiameterP Pilot DiameterNumber of Fins
B Hole Dia. +0.10 -0.00W Wall Thickness Min.
M2 x 0.4M24.
M2.5 x 0.45M2.54.804.804.002.000.585.504.523.903
M3 x 0.5M34.804.804.002.000.585.504.523.903
M3.5 x 0.6M3.56.406.404.802.400.746.405.314.704
M4 x 0.7M47.907.905.602.800.897.106.105.505
M5 x 0.8M59.509.506.403.201.077.906.966.305
M6 x 1.0M612.7012.708.004.001.329.508.567.907
M8 x 1.25M812.7012.709.604.801.3211.1010.169.507

(1) All dimensions are in millimeters and reference unless toleranced.

Stud Length
Stud ThreadStud Thread CodeD Insert DiameterS – Stud Length
Stud Length Code
M2 x 0.4M23.735.006.008.00
M2.5 x 0.45M2.54.525.006.008.0010.00
M3 x 0.5M34.525.006.008.0010.0012.00
M3.5 x 0.6M3.55.315.006.008.0010.0012.0014.00
M4 x 0.7M46.
M5 x 0.8M56.965.006.008.0010.0012.0014.0016.0018.0020.00
M6 x 1.0M68.566.008.0010.0012.0014.0016.0018.0020.0025.00
M8 x 1.25M810.168.0010.0012.0014.0016.0018.0020.0025.00

(1) All dimensions are in millimeters and reference unless toleranced.
(2) Custom stud lengths available by request.