Pencom Gained 80 Percent Efficiency on Internal Cert Processes With Smartcert

PENCOM implemented SmartCert, a universally accessible, self-service cert platform, to save time managing and exchanging required documents and to create a better customer experience.

Aramid Technologies, developer of SmartCert®, and PENCOM announced they are working on a digital transformation project to streamline and automate PENCOM’s product certification quality management process using the award-winning SmartCert solution.  

PENCOM, a manufacturer of components for OEM design engineers, uses SmartCert to improve internal processes and enhance its customer experience across the United States and international locations. During the project’s first phase, PENCOM transitioned its product certs from a manual paper system to SmartCert’s secure, cloud-based solution. Certs and documents are digitally linked to all products and stored in a centralized archive accessible 24/7 by internal departments via the SmartCert shared dashboard.

“Implementing the digital SmartCert solution in one of PENCOM’s manufacturing plants increases our time efficiency by approximately 80 percent over our manual paper system. It also significantly reduces the amount of paper we use, making us more eco-friendly,” says Mario Callejas, global quality assurance manager at PENCOM.

The second phase of PENCOM’s digital transformation project improves the customer experience and gains additional internal efficiencies. PENCOM is expanding SmartCert to its customers, which totally automates the cert transfer process. Documentation for sales orders is sent to customers via the SmartCert platform. 

“The fastener industry is very competitive and SmartCert gives us an edge by eliminating the problem of missing certs and providing real-time updates,” says Mike Gray, chief commercial officer at PENCOM. “Our customers have universal access via the self-serve, cloud-based SmartCert dashboard from any location or mobile device. This increases efficiency for both PENCOM and our customers.”

SmartCert is the industry’s first cloud-based, self-service platform that allows buyers and sellers to easily manage and exchange all the required quality certs and documentation that go with a product. SmartCert benefits include:

  • Secure, system simplifies cert transfer process
  • Self-serve SmartCert dashboard eliminates missing paperwork and provides 24/7 access
  • Universal platform streamlines inbound and outbound cert exchange 
  • Eco-friendly reduces paper copies
  • Quick onboarding process takes less than two weeks with minimal disruption
  • Subscription-based model expands with your business needs

“PENCOM is a global leader in the component manufacturing industry and has more than 25 logistics sites. They are well known for their innovative approach to customer service and support, which makes them an ideal customer to use the SmartCert solution,” says Lyndon Lattie, co-founder and CEO of Aramid Technologies.

About Aramid Technologies:

Aramid Technologies introduced SmartCert in 2021 to digitize the cumbersome and costly traditional processes for exchanging quality certifications by paper and email. SmartCert is a cloud-based platform that enables buyers and sellers to easily and securely manage and exchange required documentation.Visit  to learn more. Follow SmartCert® on


PENCOM, a privately held corporation, was founded in 1982 to provide component solutions to OEM design engineers. It has a forward-looking management style with quick and decisive decision-making to support customers’ needs. Today, PENCOM is the leading innovator in supply chain management, providing technical product support, global manufacturing, localized inventory logistics, supply base consolidation, and automated inventory management.

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