Visible Inventory

What is Visible Inventory?

Visible Inventory is a system that AUTOMATES the inventory management process. Using piece weight, a VI sensor calculates how many parts are in each bin location. SuppliLink™ software takes the sensor information and converts it into actions, such as sending replenishment emails to vendors.

How does Visible Inventory change a VMI program?

Visible Inventory will constant monitor inventory, eliminating the requirement to manually inspect each part location. SuppliLink ™ will determine when a part has reached a replenishment limit and notify, via email, the supplier. The guess work of a traditional VMI program has been eliminated.

SuppliLink™ software keeps you in touch with your inventory

SuppliLink™ keeps you in touch with your inventory where ever you are. With Visible Inventory’s patent pending system you can view your inventory from any global location at any time. Up to the minute inventory changes are recorded and the SuppliLink™ data screen will instantly refresh to show the new inventory level. Changes in inventory that cross one of the four preset limits can be sent to a cell phone, PDA, or transmitted via email.

Color coded data enables fast inventory status checks. Data can be filtered to show inventory for a specific program, warehouse, or other attributes. SuppliLink™ shows both customer and VMI supplier the same inventory data, putting both on the same page.