• 2D drawing of TMZ Barbed Press-In Inserts with barbs for secure press-in installation.
  • 2D drawing of TMZ Barbed Press-In Inserts with barbs for secure press-in installation.

TMZ Barbed Press-In Inserts Metric

Inserts Features

  • Simple, press-in installation for thermoplastics.
  • Sharp, aggressive barbs provide excellent pull-out resistance.
  • Available non-headed and headed in two different head thicknesses and diameters.
  • Headed versions reduce the possibility of jack-out where there is a large clearance hole in the mating component, and are also well-suited for pull-thru applications.
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Boss Dimensions

Insert ThreadL LengthBoss
M1.6 x 0.352.142.30-2.501.002.20
M2 x
M2 x
M2 x
M2.5 x 0.454.103.70-4.001.704.20
M2.5 x 0.455.203.70-4.001.705.30
M3 x
M3 x
M3.5 x
M3.5 x
M4 x 0.75.605.40-5.902.505.80
M4 x 0.78.505.40-5.902.508.70
M5 x 0.86.606.00-6.502.856.80
M5 x 0.810.16.00-6.502.8510.3
M6 x 17.707.70-
M6 x 112.37.70-8.203.2012.5
M8 x 1.258.3010.2-
M8 x 1.2510.110.2-10.64.2510.3
M8 x 1.2513.810.2-10.64.2514.0
M10 x 1.510.112.5-13.05.1010.3
M10 x 1.510.512.5-13.05.1010.7
M10 x 1.516.112.5-13.05.1016.3
M12 x 1.7516.115.0-15.45.2016.3


Press the insert into the hole using a squeezing action, not a sharp blow, while maintaining axial alignment to prevent tilting and exerting side loads on the boss. While designed to be cold press-fit, heat or ultrasonic vibration may be used to improve performance by increasing plastic flow around the barbs. Heat installation may be required for use in harder plastics. Drill or mold holes according to the indicated dimensions. Boss dimensions shown are for reference and may vary depending on the type of plastic and application. A counterbore is not required but may reduce plastic mold flash or installation alignment issues.