SSZS Screw Studded Inserts


Also Avaliable in Inch


  • Self-tapping installation in a variety of materials.
  • High pull-out resistance in weak plastics.
  • Suitable for applications where jack-out is unavoidable.
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Part Desc.ThreadInsert LengthStud LengthMaterial
Insert ThreadInsert Thread CodeL Insert LengthInsert Length CodeBoss Hole Dia. BA Head ThicknessC Head DiameterD Insert Diameter Max.
Thermo– plastics +0.10 -0.00Thermo– setting +0.10 -0.00
M2 x 0.4M26.006.004.00-4.104.10-4.300.586.004.50
M2.5 x 0.45M2.
M3 x 0.5M36.006.004.50-4.604.60-4.800.586.505.00
M3.5 x 0.6M3.
M4 x 0.7M48.008.005.80-5.906.00-6.200.898.006.50
M5 x 0.8M510.0010.007.10-7.207.30-7.601.069.508.00
M6 x 1.0M614.0014.008.60-8.809.00-9.401.3212.0010.00
M8 x 1.25M815.0015.0010.60-10.8011.00-11.401.3214.0012.00
M10 x 1.5M1018.0018.0012.60-12.8013.00-13.401.5716.0014.00
M12 x 1.75M1222.0022.0014.60-14.8015.00-15.401.5718.0016.0

(1) All dimensions are in millimeters and reference unless toleranced.
(2) Pencom recommends determining the minimum hole wall thickness through testing in the application.

Stud Length
Stud ThreadStud Thread CodeD Insert Diameter Max.S-Stud Length
Stud Length Code
M2 x 0.4M24.505.006.008.00
M2.5 x 0.45M2.54.505.006.008.0010.00
M3 x 0.5M35.
M3.5 x 0.6M3.
M4 x 0.7M46.505.006.008.0010.0012.0014.0016.00
M5 x 0.8M58.
M6 x 1.0M610.006.008.0010.0012.0014.0016.0018.0020.0025.00
M8 x 1.25M812.008.0010.0012.0014.0016.0018.0020.0025.00
M10 x 1.5M1014.0010.0012.0014.0016.0018.0020.0025.00
M12 x 1.75M1216.0012.0014.0016.0018.0020.0025.00

(1) All dimensions are in millimeters and reference unless toleranced.
(2) Custom stud lengths available by request.

Boss Design Recommendation
The SSZ Screw Zert is designed to be installed into a straight hole with a 1°inclusive taper. The recommended hole size applies at the point reached by the bottom of the insert. Molded holes should be used wherever possible as drilled holes may result in diminished performance. PENCOM recommends a 60°countersink, with a depth equal to the external thread pitch of the insert being used, at the top of the hole to prevent chipping of the surrounding boss hole surface. Hole diameters are dependant on the type of plastic being used with harder plastics requiring larger holes than softer plastics, for example. Diameter ranges shown in the tables are those recommended for thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics with the exact hole size determined through testing in the application.
The slot in the insert acts as a thread cutting edge. Inserts are installed following standard tapping procedures using hand tools or conventional tapping equipment.