Socket and Shoulder Screws

Socket and Precision Shoulder Screws for High-performance Applications

Socket screws are one type of machine screw with heads containing a hexagonal internal drive that requires a tool such as a hex key to tighten and loosen instead of a traditional screwdriver. They are sometimes helpful for mechanical applications with limited space, and can generate a high amount of clamping force compared to other screws of the equivalent size. PENCOM offers socket screws with different types of heads: button, flat countersunk, and cylindrical.

Precision shoulder screws are fasteners with three specific sections: the head, an unthreaded cylindrical section known as the shoulder, and the threads. Undercuts on each side of the shoulder ensure precise seating in the assembly. Generally, precision shoulder screws offer versatile features once installed, acting as dowels, shafts for rotating items, axles for rolling parts, pivot points, or guides for sliding components. They differ from commercial shoulder screws due to their very tight dimensional tolerances. PENCOM has various head, material, and finish options available. Configurations not mentioned may be available upon request, so contact PENCOM for the most suitable fastener for your specific application.