Thread-forming Screws for Plastic

Specialized Screws for Reliable Plastic Fastening Applications

Numerous industries utilize plastics and require specific screws ideal for fastening components to these materials. Generally, these screws have a smaller minor diameter and a more sizeable and sharper thread profile than standard screws. Since the screw threads can grasp a larger volume of material, they may increase the screw’s pullout strength and resistance to loosening while minimizing boss cracking. Thread-forming screws create unique threads in a pilot hole by displacing the material around the screw threads during installation.

PENCOM offers thread-forming screws for plastics in types HILO, PLAST45, PLAST48-2, and PF. Each kind has different options for heads, such as a slotted pan, 90-degree countersunk, indented hex washer, and many others. Depending on the stiffness and filler content of the material, our representatives at PENCOM can help select the best-performing screws for plastics that can increase product reliability for each application.