PENCOM Enhances Its Product Line with Advanced Type TA Thread Forming Screws

San Francisco, CA – PENCOM, a leader in the fastening industry, is excited to announce the introduction of the Type TA Thread Forming Screws, specifically designed for high-performance in various applications. These innovative screws are crafted from premium materials, including steel and stainless steel, to ensure durability and resilience.

The Type TA Thread Forming Screws are available in a comprehensive range of sizes and head types, including Pan, Flat, and Truss, catering to a wide array of industrial requirements. With finishes such as zinc, black oxide, and others, these screws not only provide optimal fastening solutions but also offer corrosion resistance and aesthetic versatility.

PENCOM’s latest offering is set to revolutionize the fastening process, boasting ease of use, enhanced thread engagement, and increased resistance to vibration loosening. Suitable for use in metals such as aluminum and steel, these screws eliminate the need for pre-tapped holes, streamlining assembly processes and reducing costs.

Interactive 3D Views & Downloadable CAD File

To complement the launch of our Type TA Thread Forming Screws, PENCOM’s website provides interactive 3D renderings and downloadable CAD files specifically for this range. This allows for a closer examination and easier integration of these high-performance screws into your designs, ensuring precision and compatibility with your specific requirements.

View Type TA Screws

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