TMBZ Molded Blind Pull-Tite Inserts


Inserts Features

  • Generous diamond knurling and engineered grooves provide excellent performance when molded in all types of plastics.
  • Blind end prevents ingress of plastic that may lead to contamination of threads during molding.
  • Available in both a shorter version designed to fit on a straight mold pin, or a slightly longer style with a counter-bored end that fits snugly on a shouldered mold pin.
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Pin Dimensions

  • TMBZ (Click for information)
    Insert ThreadFG +0.00 -0.25H ± 0.0125KN Min.
    M3 x 0.52.504.802.500.754.35
    M3.5 x 0.62.905.402.900.805.20
    M4 x 0.73.305.803.300.856.10
    M5 x
    M6 x 15.007.505.000.9510.2

  • TMBZC (Click for information)
    Insert ThreadL LengthBoss
    M2 x
    M2 x 0.44.803.503.10-3.301.255.30
    M2.5 x 0.454.004.333.80-4.101.554.40
    M2.5 x 0.455.254.333.80-4.101.555.80
    M2.5 x 0.456.254.333.80-4.101.556.90
    M3 x
    M3 x
    M3 x
    M3.5 x
    M3.5 x
    M3.5 x 0.67.305.525.00-5.302.008.10
    M4 x 0.75.606.315.80-6.102.306.20
    M4 x
    M4 x 0.78.406.315.80-6.102.309.30
    M5 x 0.86.407.506.90-7.202.707.10
    M5 x 0.88.407.506.90-7.202.709.30
    M5 x 0.810.007.506.90-7.202.7011.0
    M6 x 17.908.698.00-8.403.158.70
    M6 x 19.808.698.00-8.403.1510.8
    M6 x 112.008.698.00-8.403.1513.2
    M8 x 1.257.5011.0610.1-
    M8 x 1.259.5011.0610.1-10.64.0010.5
    M8 x 1.2512.4011.0610.1-10.64.0013.7
    M8 x 1.2514.0011.0610.1-10.64.0015.6
    M10 x 1.512.0013.9513.0-13.55.1013.2
    M10 x 1.516.0013.9513.0-13.55.1017.6


Place inserts on mold core pins prior to injecting plastic. A good fit between mold core pin and inserts will prevent plastic from flowing into the threads.