Machine Screws

The most popular thread used in fastening is the machine screw thread. The machine screw thread has a 60 degree thread angle made in a continual running helix pattern. It’s primarily used with a nut or a tapped hole.

Screws for Plastic

Screws for plastics have a thread that is designed to be used in soft materials. It generally has a 30 degree flank angle thread that slices through plastic materials with out inducing high stress levels and offering high pull out performance.

Sheet Metal Screws

A screw consisting of a specially hardened thread allowing it to form its own internal thread when driven into sheet metal and other relatively soft materials. It is highly versatile, used in wood, fiberglass and metal, also called self-tapping screws. Available in steel and stainless steel.

Socket and Shoulder Screws

Socket screws have a machine screw thread and are made primarily in two materials, steel and stainless steel. The steel socket screws are made from an alloy steel and are heat treated to high tensile strengths. The stainless steel socket screws are generally made from 302 or 304 and are not heat treated.

Pencom has over twenty years experience in the fastener industry in standard and custom screws. Our highly skilled teams will work closely with customers to provide solutions. Our engineering staff can support your design needs using the latest CAD/CAM software. PENCOM engineers offer a wide range of design expertise in a variety of materials and applications.