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  • Self-clinching design provides quick and permanent installation in .040” (1.02mm) min. thick aluminum, cold-rolled steel and stainless steel sheets.
  • Flush appearance on the back side of sheet surface.
  • Custom lengths available by request.

When second sourcing PENCOM’s products, PENCOM recommends that the part is tested in the application to ensure that it will meet all performance requirements.


± .010
1. 250
1. 625
1. 875

Material & Finish

Body Material Code Body Material Description Body Finish Code Body Finish Description For Use in Sheet Hardness
HrB 70
HrB 80
HrB 88
STL Heat-treated Carbon Steel Z Zinc SC1 with Type III Clear Chromate per ASTM B 633
SS 300-Series Stainless Steel P Passivated and/or Tested per ASTM A 967
S4 Heat-treated Stainless Steel P Passivated and/or Tested per ASTM A 967

Custom materials and finishes available by request.
Tip Material and Color: Nylon UL94-V0 / White


Body Material Code Test Sheet Material
5052-H32 Aluminum 1008 Carbon Steel HRB 60 304 Stainless Steel HRB 70
Installation lbs
Push-out lbs
Installation lbs
Push-out lbs
Installation lbs
Push-out lbs
STL 2500 – 3 000 (11.1-13.3) 240 (1060) 510 0 -610 0 (22.7-27.1) 360 (1600) (2) (2)
SS 2500 – 3 000 (11.1-13.3) 240 (1060) 5100-6100 (22.7-27.1) 360 (1600) (2) (2)
S4 7200 – 8800 (32.0 – 39.1) 360 (1600)


  1. Performance data represents the average result when all installation specifications are strictly followed. Variations in sheet hole size, thickness, material and installation method will affect the loads. PENCOM strongly encourages testing in the application.
  2. Not recommended.



  1. Punch or drill hole in .040in (1.02mm) minimum thick sheet a distance of .33in (8.4mm) minimum from hole center to edge. Do not deburr hole edges.
  2. Insert standoff through hole in sheet and into the anvil as shown.
  3. Squeeze the sheet and standoff head between parallel punch and anvil surfaces. Use only enough pressure to seat the standoff head flush with the sheet. Punch and anvil may be ordered using PENCOM part numbers TL1287 and TL1288, respectively, or made from hardened tool steel.