TGU Surface-Mount Spring-Top Standoffs


Also Available in Inch
  • Standoffs installed on p.c. boards at the same time and method as other surface-mount technology (SMT) components. Their spring action holds panels in place without threaded hardware.
  • Reduce secondary handling of p.c. boards that may lead to potential damage.
  • Packaged on tape and reel consistent with standard automated SMT installation equipment.
  • Custom lengths available by request.
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Top Panel Bottom Panel
Thickness Material Hole 1 Diameter Minimum Thickness Material Hole Diameter
1.00-1.80 Any 4.00-4.08 1.53 P.C. Board 4.22-4.30


L (Length) ± 0.13
6 8 10

Reel Data

6 8 10
Parts per Reel/Pitch
300/16 250/16 200/16

Material and Finish

Carbon Steel/Electroplated Matte Tin per ASTM B545, Class A with Clear Preservative Coating, Annealed.


Apply solder paste to p.c. board pad. Place fastener by gripping end with polyimide patch. Solder fastener in place using surface-mount technology (SMT) practices.


Bottom Panel Top Panel
Test Sheet Material Push-out Max. Snap-on Force
".062" (1.57mm) FR-4" 113 lbs (500 N) 20 lbs (89 N)