618 MSPe

6 ton (57KN) ram force, 18 inch(457mm) throat depth. Reliability/energy efficiency of a fully hydraulic machine. The ram force residence time is adjustable for processing high hardness materials. The ram return stroke is adjustable,and working pressure can be applied at any stroke point.

  1. Automatic Seting force and Fast Programming 
    Built-in riveting counting and leak-proof counting function: automatic equipment failure detection, can store up to 1000 programs.
  2. Positive Stop System
    The positive stop system of the cylinder is specially designed for soft work pieces such as PC board, plastic, glass and aluminum.It prevents the plate from being deformed or crushed when the fastener is pressed. The product thickness can be accurate to +0 05mm.
  3. Lazer locating light
    Assist to handle the big workpiece to cover lower tool by laser locating light reference.
  4. Turret Insertion System (Standard)
    Install up to 4 different fasteners in 1 Single Part Handling. To avoid repeated handling and missing riveting of workpieces. Improve work efficiency.
  5. MSTP-33(optional)
    33 pieces of manual tool for nuts M2.5-M8 studs M3-M8 & standoff M3-M5 length up to 35mm,special tool holder for small flange parts and Manual J-Frame.


Force Range450LBS(2KN) to 12000LBS(57KN)
Max Riveting CapacityM10 nut M8 standoff M6 stud carbon steel
Throat Depth450MM
Throat Height400MM
Stroke Length200MM
Main Power1.5KW
Hydraulic Oil46#/32#
Oil tank Reservoir60L
Air Pressure0.4-0.7Mpa
Power Supply380V 3 phase 5 core 50/60Hz
Dimension (L*W*H)43" ×39" ×74" (1060MM×960MM × 2000MM)