HCZ Hi-Capacity Inserts


HCZ Insert Features

  • Excellent pull-out and torque-out performance capable of exceeding the strength of most male fasteners.
  • Unique design improves installation speed and process capability leading to higher productivity and reduced scrap.
  • Available with both inch and metric threads.
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Insert ThreadInsert Thread CodeL Insert LengthInsert Length CodeBoss
a Min.b Ref.c +0.10 -0.00d +0.10 -0.00e +0.10 -0.00f +0.10 -0.00g +0.10 -0.00
M4 x 0.7M49.609.6011.009.600.9010.008.306.507.40
M5 x 0.8M511.0011.0012.0011.000.9011.409.906.508.60
M6 x 1.0M611.0011.0012.0011.000.9013.0011.306.5010.40
M8 x 1.25M811.0011.0012.0011.000.9014.0013.006.5012.10
M10 x 1.5M1011.0011.0012.0011.000.9016.0014.606.5013.70
General Continued
Inset ThreadW Boss Wall Thickness Min.A Head ThicknessC Head DiameterD Insert DiameterP Pilot Diameter
M4 x 0.73.500.509.009.008.20
M5 x 0.84.500.5010.5010.509.70
M6 x
M8 x
M10 x 1.510.000.5015.2015.2014.50
The inserts may be installed by pre-heating or ultrasonic vibration methods. When using heat, the insert should be hot enough to soften the plastic without melting it to avoid flash around the top. Ultrasonic vibration should be applied using low amplitude and the minimum amount of power necessary to satisfactorily soften the plastic. In both methods, avoid excessive pressure that would force an insert into a hole without allowing the plastic to properly soften and flow around the insert features. To achieve maximum performance, install the insert flush with the top of the hole.
Boss Design Recommendation
The HCZ Hi-Capacity Zert is designed to be installed into a specifically shaped molded hole. Minimum boss wall thicknesses shown are for reference and may vary depending on the type of plastic.