CLZ Compression Limiting Inserts

Compression Limiting Insert Features

  • Non-threaded bushings to resist compression loads on plastic components.
  • Installation using heat, ultrasonic, mold-in, or press-in.
  • Custom designed insert for each application in brass, stainless steel, or aluminum to accommodate all thread sizes.
  • Request to speak with a PENCOM Technical Representative to discuss your application.

Compression Limiting Insert Description

In a plastic assembly, the mating fastener must be tightened with sufficient torque to maintain tension in the joint and prevent loosening. The resulting compressive load can cause creep or stress relaxation in the plastic component leading to damage and/or joint relaxation. Compression limiters are non-threaded bushings that strengthen the plastic and resist the applied compressive loads. PENCOM’s CLZ Compression Limiting Inserts are designed and manufactured for each specific application in a variety of materials and sizes to suit the common installation methods.