RL-T2 Battery Rivet Nut Tool


  • Rivet Capacity: 1/8-15/32 in (M3-M12)
  • Rivet Material: All Material
  • Max. Stroke: 0.4 in (10 mm)
  • Rivet Tool Weight: 4.6 lb (2.1 kg)
  • Pull Force: 6295 lbf (28000 N)
  • Motor Power: 20V DC Brushless Motor
  • Battery: 20V/2.0Ah
  • Included Battery: 1 pc
  • Package: Cardboard Box
  • Package Size: 15.0*15.0*7.1 in (38*38*18 cm)
  • Package Gross Weight: 12.1 lb (5.5 kg)
  • Standard Nosepieces: 1/8-15/32 in (M3-M12)
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Battery Rivet Tool T2

The RL-T2 is an industrial-grade lithium battery rivet tool designed for precision and efficiency. It is suitable for handling various materials with rivet sizes ranging from 2.4mm to 6.4mm. The tool comes in a plastic box package that includes two batteries and a charger. Key features of the RL-T2 include a brushless motor for durability, a non-contact switch for enhanced usability, and a rear storage box for stem collection.