VLE – Heavy duty wheel with super-elastic solid rubber tyre ,

In the VLE series, tyres made from super-elastic solid rubber are bolted together with pressed steel rim sections. The super-elastic solid rubber tyre has a hardness of 70° Shore A and consists of two or three different components, depending on the wheel diameter.
The tough rubber compound used for the rubber core makes sure that the tyre remains stable on the rim, even under heavy loads. The highly elastic damping ring keeps the temperature of the tyre low at high speeds, while the abrasion-resistant tread protects the tyre against external damage and ensures that it remains in service for a long time. The tyres are available with a ribbed or zig-zag profile.

The VLE series is puncture-proof, maintenance-free and available as a hub fitting wheel VLEA series.

  • Wheel: 2-component tyres with highly elastic, abrasion-resistant tread.
  • Color: black.
  • Wheel centre/rim: Pressed steel rim, pressed and bolted, with welded tubular steel hub, or pressed steel rim with reinforced rim version, zinc-plated, blue-passivated, Cr6-free.
  • Color: blue passivated.
  • Chemical characteristics: Chemical resistance to many aggressive substances, except oils.
  • Operating temperature: -25° C to +80° C, temporarily up to +100° C.
  • At ambient temperatures above +60° C the load capacity is reduced.
  • An alternative to pneumatic tyres! Advantages: Puncture-proof, maintenance-free under standard conditions, good stability, precise steering behaviour.
  • With reduced load capacity speeds up to 25 km/h are permissible.

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