SE – Heavy duty wheel with elastic solid rubber tyres ‘Blickle EasyRoll’ ,

The wheel centre of the SE series is made of triple-welded pressed steel with a tubular steel hub, onto which the high-quality elastic solid rubber tread is vulcanised. The tread is pressed onto the wheel centre for items with a suffix of -Z. The black tread is very quiet and has very good floor preservation properties. The tyres have a hardness of 65° Shore A and provide a very high level of operational comfort. The wheels are designed specifically for the transport of heavy loads in a wide range of applications. Speeds of up to 16 km/h are possible thanks to the rugged design.

  • Wheel: Made of high-quality elastic solid rubber in smooth rolling quality “Blickle EasyRoll”.
  • Color: black.
  • Wheel centre/rim: Made of high-quality, impact-resistant and reinforced nylon.
  • Color: anthracite.
  • Chemical characteristics: Chemical resistance to many aggressive substances, except oils.
  • Operating temperature: -25° C to +80° C, temporarily up to +100° C.
  • At ambient temperatures above +60° C the load capacity is reduced.

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