PHN – Heat-resistant Blickle TempLine® Classic thermoset wheel


  • Wheel: Made of heat-resistant phenolic resin.
  • Color: black.
  • Wheel centre/rim: – Color: black.
  • Chemical characteristics: High chemical resistance to many aggressive substances.
  • Operating temperature: -35° C to +260° C, temporarily up to +300° C.
  • Wheels are only conditionally suitable for rough floors and crossing thresholds due to the abrasive effect on the material and the limited mechanical stability of phenolic resin.
Part Desc. Weight (KG)Wheel Ø (D) [mm]Tire width (T2) [mm]Load capacity [kg]Bearing typeAxle bore Ø (d) [mm]Hub length (T1) [mm]Tread & tire hardnessWheel Center