PHN – Heat-resistant Blickle TempLine® Classic thermoset wheel


  • Wheel: Made of heat-resistant phenolic resin.
  • Color: black.
  • Wheel centre/rim: – Color: black.
  • Chemical characteristics: High chemical resistance to many aggressive substances.
  • Operating temperature: -35° C to +260° C, temporarily up to +300° C.
  • Wheels are only conditionally suitable for rough floors and crossing thresholds due to the abrasive effect on the material and the limited mechanical stability of phenolic resin.
Part Desc.Weight (KG)Wheel Ø (D) [mm]Tire width (T2) [mm]Load capacity [kg]Bearing typeAxle bore Ø (d) [mm]Hub length (T1) [mm]Tread & tire hardnessWheel Center