BS12 Self-clinching Ball Studs


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Part Desc.LengthMaterialFinish
Sheet 1 ThicknessSheet 2 ThicknessLength CodeL ±.010S ±.005
Material CodeMaterial DescriptionFinish CodeFinish DescriptionEmpty
HRB 70 Max.HRB 80 Max.HRB 88 Max.
S4400 Series Stainless SteelPPassivated
STLLow Carbon SteelZZinc Clear
SSStainless SteelPPassivated
  1. Punch or drill hole in sheet a minimum distance of .37in (9.4mm) from the hole center to edge of sheet. Do not deburr edges.
  2. Insert the ball stud through hole in sheet and into the anvil as shown.
  3. Squeeze the sheet and ball stud head between parallel punch and anvil surfaces. Use only enough pressure to seat the ball stud head flush with the sheet. Punch and anvil should be made from hardened steel.
Ball Stud Material Codetest Sheet Material
5052-H32 aluminum1008 Carbon Steel HrB 60304 Stainless Steel HrB 70
Installation lbs (kN)Push-out lbs (N)Installation lbs (kN)Push-out lbs (N)Installation lbs (kN)Push-out lbs (N)
STL1700-2000 (7.6-8.9)230 (1023)3600-4400 (16.0-19.6)360 (1601)(2)(2)
SS1700-2000 (7.6-8.9)230 (1023)3600-4400 (16.0-19.6)360 (1601)(2)(2)
S4----5900-7200 (26.2-32.0)470 (2090)
  1. Performance data represents the average destructive result when all installation specifications are strictly followed. Variations in sheet hole size, thickness, material and installation methods will affect the loads. PENCOM strongly encourages testing in the application.
  2. Not recommended.