BS11 Female Thread Ball Studs


Also Avaliable in Inch
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Part Desc.LengthMaterialFinish
ThreadSeriesSheet 1 ThicknessLength CodeL ±.025S ±.013D Min.
M3.5 x 0.6 6HBS11M0.64-1.30106910.698.334.70
  1. Punch or drill hole in sheet. Insert a male thread fastener through hole in the sheet and secure the ball stud. In some applications it may be desirable to install a washer between the head of the male threaded fastener and sheet.
  2. Tighten the assembly by torquing the male threaded fastener 7 to 10 in-lbs (6-32) or 0.8 to 1.1 N-m (M3.5). PENCOM recommends a minimum thread engagement of .138 in (6-32) or 3.5 mm (M3.5) between the male and female threads. Installation torques are for zinc–plated Grade 2 (inch) or Class 4.8 (metric) carbon steel screws and for reference only. PENCOM recommends testing in the application.
  3. Due to the inelastic nature and unpredictable friction coefficients of stainless steel, torque calculations for this material can be unreliable. One method of determining the installation torque uses 50% of the failure torque as developed through testing in the application and applying a ±20% tolerance.