Specialized Screws for Metal Fastening Applications

Screws used to fasten metal-based materials by creating their own threads differ from other types of screws.  The threads of these screws can have wider pitch spacing, special cutting features or irregular-shaped body diameters. These designs allow for easier installation in metals without damaging the material. PENCOM offers many types of these screws, such as self-drilling, thread cutting, and thread forming.  Self-drilling screws do not require a pilot hole, which expedites the installation process. Thread-forming screws are available in types AB, B, and TA, while thread-cutting screws come in Types 1, 23, 25, and F. Depending on the mating material’s thickness and composition, and whether the metal has pre-drilled holes, many factors will determine which screw will be optimum for the specific application. Get the proper fastener for your application by contacting PENCOM.