About Blickle Light Duty Wheel and Casters
Light duty castors and wheels are mainly used for less demanding applications requiring a load capacity of up to 280 kg. They are designed for speeds of up to 3 km/h and therefore more frequently used indoors. The TPA, VPA, POES, PATH, VSTH and POA series are light duty series. A variety of treads are available, including thermoplastic rubber, solid rubber, soft rubber, thermoplastic polyurethane, Extrathane® or nylon, and all have different characteristics.

Typical applications of light duty castors are medical equipment, display bases or equipment for large-scale catering establishments. Electrically conductive versions are particularly common in medical applications to protect sensitive equipment against electric discharge. For this reason, Blickle provides electrically conductive versions of all light duty wheels. In commercial kitchens, on the other hand, hygiene is probably the main concern. It is therefore important that castors used in commercial kitchens do not leave any marks on the floor. That is why non-marking versions are available for all of Blickle’s light duty castors.