PENCOM Application Engineering

PENCOM is an industry leader in the development of new product lines and custom parts to meet specific application requirements.  Engineers work closely with customers to develop cost-effective solutions to meet industry needs.

PENCOM’s technical expertise is built on the knowledge shared by a large team of engineers, designers and manufacturing experts. These technical specialists are located throughout the United States, Mexico, England and Asia with backgrounds in mechanical design, testing, materials, inserts for plastics, manufacturing techniques and CAD modeling. PENCOM uses a paperless electronic documentation system that enables immediate design document access and management at all locations. Custom parts are designed in 3D so that customers can incorporate models directly in their assemblies and expedite the design process.

Another advantage PENCOM offers is application assistance and customer support. Users of PENCOM products can speak directly with an engineer to discuss design options or solve application problems. In most cases a PENCOM representative can even visit a site and report their findings to the engineer, if necessary, adding another degree of service. PENCOM frequently publishes technical bulletins and newsletters that share design ideas, solutions to problems encountered by other users, and other informative topics.

Thousands of satisfied customers rely on PENCOM’s technical capabilities. For your next design or application challenge let PENCOM be your fully integrated service solution.