Mechanical Assemblies

For many years PENCOM has been providing kitting and assembly services saving customers the time and expense of ordering, receiving, handling and tracking the same multiple parts over and over again. By ordering pre–counted and labeled packages, customers achieve lean manufacturing and cost reduction objectives while consolidating vendors and relieving procurement personnel from the logistical burden of managing multiple individual components. Some of the service benefits include:

  • Custom labels with bar codes, shelf locations, parts list, etc.
  • Sourcing or manufacturing of parts by PENCOM
  • Multi– level assemblies
  • Invoicing by kit or project number
  • A variety of packaging options

Kits and assemblies are produced in PENCOM’s own facilities for use on assembly lines or moved on to the next user. ISO-registered quality systems ensure the accuracy customers demand.

The examples below illustrate just a few of the options PENCOM routinely provides. To join the list of satisfied customers who have found kitting and assembly services produced significant savings through less inventory and labor while reducing time spent managing orders contact a PENCOM Account Representative.