Cold Formed Self-Clinching Nuts


  • Heat treated, zinc plated carbon steel
  • Improved strength
  • Cost savings
  • Available in a broad selection of thread and shank length sizes

We’ve heavily invested in improving manufacturing and quality processes to bring a higher standard of performance to our customers.

PENCOM announces our new product line for self-clinching nuts. Self-clinching nuts are a key component in the sheet metal industry and provide reusable, robust threads in thin carbon steel or aluminum sheets. These nuts are much more resistant to any strain incurred during the installation process. PENCOM’s new manufacturing and quality processes make these parts hard to beat.


  1. Prepare correct sized mounting hole in sheet away from bends or other highly coldworked areas. Do not deburr hole edges.
  2. Insert nut into recessed anvil and place sheet hole over the nut shank as shown with hole punch side of sheet against the nut.
  3. Squeeze the sheet and nut between parallel anvil and punch surfaces. Use only enough pressure to seat the nut shoulder flush with the sheet.
  4. In the application, install screw from the shank side of the fastener so that the head side of the nut is drawn toward the sheet.

nc_intallationInstalled self-clinching nut.

Price Comparison

nc_price_comparisonPricing sample based on competitor information.


PENCOM has taken several steps to insure the best possible quality in our products. Using improved inspection and the latest laser sorting equipment, production lots are screened for defects in rapid succession and with greater accuracy.

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As expansion of the product line continues, PENCOM will include additional sizes and materials. Announcements will be made as parts become available. Please contact your local sales representative for more information.

Cross-Reference Chart

PENCOM Part Number PENCOM Description Competitor (PEM®) Number
PR4161 NCCT-440-.030-Z S-440-0ZI
PR4162 NCCT-440-.038-Z S-440-1ZI
PR4163 NCCT-440-.054-Z S-440-2ZI
PR4165 NCCT-632-.030-Z S-632-0ZI
PR4166 NCCT-632-.038-Z S-632-1ZI
PR4167 NCCT-632-.054-Z S-632-2ZI
PR4170 NCCT-832-.038-Z S-832-1ZI
PR4171 NCCT-832-.054-Z S-832-2ZI
PR4178 NCCT-1032-.038-Z SS-032-1ZI
PR4179 NCCT-1032-.054-Z SS-032-2ZI
PR4185 NCCT-2520-.054-Z S-0420-1ZI
PR4186 NCCT-2520-.087-Z S-0420-2ZI
PR4187 NCCT-2520-.120-Z S-0420-3ZI
PR4317 NCCT-M2.5-0.77-Z S-M2.5-0ZI
PR4318 NCCT-M2.5-0.97-Z S-M2.5-1ZI
PR4319 NCCT-M2.5-1.38-Z S-M2.5-2ZI
PR4317 NCCT-M3-0.77-Z S-M3-0ZI
PR4318 NCCT-M3-0.97-Z S-M3-1ZI
PR4319 NCCT-M3-1.38-Z S-M3-2ZI
PR4320 NCCT-M3.5-0.77-Z S-M3.5-0ZI
PR4321 NCCT-M3.5-0.97-Z S-M3.5-1ZI
PR4322 NCCT-M3.5-1.38-Z S-M3.5-2ZI
PR4323 NCCT-M4-0.77-Z S-M4-0ZI
PR4324 NCCT-M4-0.97-Z S-M4-1ZI
PR4325 NCCT-M4-1.38-Z S-M4-2ZI
PR4326 NCCT-M5-0.77-Z SS-M5-0ZI
PR4330 NCCT-M6-1.15-Z S-M6-0ZI
PR4331 NCCT-M6-1.38-Z S-M6-1ZI
PR4332 NCCT-M6-2.21-Z S-M6-2ZI

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