Introducing Innovative BS14 Self-Clinching Concealed Head Ball Studs

San Francisco, CA – PENCOM, a leader in fastening technology, is excited to announce the release of the new BS14 Self-Clinching Concealed Head Ball Studs. This latest innovation offers a robust solution for applications requiring a sleek, unblemished finish on the back side aluminum and steel sheets while maintaining a complete seal between both sides of sheets.

Designed for durability and reliability, the BS14 ball studs are available in heat-treated carbon steel and 300-series stainless steel options, each finished with protective coatings to resist corrosion and enhance appearance. These studs are used in conjunction with spring-catch clips as a convenient fastener for applications such as cabinet doors, inspection panels, etc. requiring repeated disengagement.

Understanding the needs of engineers and designers, PENCOM has made 3D drawings of the BS14 ball studs available for free download on their website. These detailed drawings are intended to assist in the seamless integration of the studs into existing and new designs, making the prototyping and installation processes as efficient as possible.

The BS14 ball studs and their corresponding 3D drawings are now available on the PENCOM website. For more information on PENCOM’s full range of fastening solutions and to download the drawings, click here.


Sheet ThicknessLength CodeL (±0.25)S (±0.13)
.025-.051 (0.64-1.30)421.421 (10.69).328 (8.33)
.052-.078 (1.31-1.98)447.447 (11.35).354 (8.99)
.079-.105 (1.99-2.67)473.473 (12.01).380 (9.65)
.106-.132 (2.68-3.35)499.499 (12.67).406 (10.31)
.133-.159 (3.36-4.04)525.525 (13.34).432 (10.97)
.160-.187 (4.05-4.75)551.551 (14.00).458 (11.63)
.177-.203 (4.50-5.16)570.570 (14.48).477 (12.12)
.230-.256 (5.84-6.50)625.625 (15.88).532 (13.51)

Material Description & Finish

Material CodeMaterial DescriptionFinish CodeFinish Description
STLHeat Treated Carbon SteelZZinc SC1 with Type III Clear Chromate per ASTM B633
SS300-Series Stainless SteelPPassivated and/or Testing per ASTM A967


Test Sheet MaterialInstallation lbs (kN)
5052-H32 Aluminum1200-1400 (5.3-6.2)
1008 Carbon Steel HRB 502300-2800 (10.2-12.5)

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