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  • Similar characteristics as the TWZ Twin Zert in a miniature design.
  • Rapid self–aligning installation using heat.
  • Small size permits space–saving boss design.
  • Double–ended to assist automatic feeding by eliminating the need for orientation during installation.



Insert Thread Insert Thread Code Boss A Head Thickness C Head Diameter D Insert Diameter P Pilot Diameter
B Hole Dia. +0.10 -0.00 W Wall Thickness Min.
M1 x 0.25 M1 1.75 0.70 2.10 1.70
M1.2 x 0.25 M1.2 1.75 0.70 2.10 1.70
M1.4 x 0.3 M1.4 2.15 0.80 0.40 3.00 2.50 2.10
M1.6 x 0.35 M1.6 2.15 0.80 0.40 3.00 2.50 2.10
M2.0 x 0.4 M2.0 2.65 0.80 0.40 3.50 3.00 2.60
M2.5 x 0.45 M2.5 3.20 1.00 0.40 4.00 3.65 3.15

Insert Length

Insert Thread L Insert Length Insert Length Code
M1 2.50 2.50
M1.2 2.50 2.50
M1.4 3.00 3.00
M1.6 2.00 2.00
2.20 2.20
2.50 2.50
3.00 3.00
M2.0 3.00 3.00
M2.5 4.00 4.00

Boss Design Recommendation

The MNZ Miniature Zert is designed to be installed into a straight hole with a 0.5° inclusive taper. The top of the hole should not be countersunk or counterbored as this will decrease the insert’s performance. The recommended hole size applies at the point reached by the bottom of the insert. Molded holes should be used wherever possible as drilled holes may result in diminished performance. Minimum boss wall thicknesses shown are for reference and may vary depending on the type of plastic.

MNZ Design


Pre-heating is the recommended installation method. The insert should be hot enough to soften the plastic without melting it to avoid flash around the top. Avoid excessive pressure that would force an insert into a hole without allowing the plastic to properly soften and flow around the insert features.