PENCOM’s Customer Survey

As a valued customer we are very interested in your opinion of us. Please tell us how satisfied you are with our service in the following areas. To complete this survey, please read the question and check the appropriate circle.

The staff at PENCOM would like to thank you for completing this questionnaire, Our goal is to exceed your expectations every time you interact with us. Your answers will help us understand where we have done well and where we have not.

  • RFQ are responded to promptly:
  • The Quality of PENCOM's product's is:
  • General thoughts on PENCOM's pricing:
  • When I call PENCOM my general feeling is:
  • When faced with a difficult part to procure, PENCOM is:
  • Compared to other companies I work with, I feel PENCOM's Design Support is:
  • When you have a part that has a short lead time and it "MUST" happen:
  • My overall feeling of PENCOM as a company is: